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Category: romans
  30-03-2016 GODS love proven unconditional
  16-03-2016 All works together for good…. or maybe not?
  08-02-2016 Seeking justice in government?
  07-12-2015 God justifies the irreverent
  18-09-2015  You are dead to sin – how?
  13-08-2015 Thou Shalt (Not): Command Or Promise?
  21-05-2015 the love of God has been poured out in our hearts
  23-03-2015 theologian chokes on Romans 5:18
  24-09-2014 Eutychus' fall from the window
  18-09-2014 still not “all mankind”?
  28-08-2014 not deeds but the Word
  13-08-2014 beautiful feet
  27-06-2014 was there death before Adam?
  31-05-2014 the sufferings of this present time
  29-12-2013 enemies of the Evangel
  23-11-2013 glorying in afflictions
  15-11-2013 the fullness of the nations and Ephraim
  18-09-2013 only a few…
  02-07-2013 Exclusive
  24-06-2013 feel or reckon?
  29-05-2013 Does Paul find a response in Rome?
  08-05-2013 the indignation of God revealed… wherein?
  01-04-2013 Believe? Whom? What?
  21-02-2013 old man on a cloud?
  02-02-2013 abdication
  13-12-2012 to arouse jealousy – how?
  08-11-2012 struggling, nevertheless?
  18-10-2012 What do you mean, missing the target?
  11-10-2012 whoever ignores, reigns!
  27-07-2012 All joy and peace?
  10-07-2012 grafted onto the olive tree
  28-06-2012 debt crisis
  10-05-2012 Worldliness
  18-04-2012 Summary: obedience of faith
  09-03-2012 faith-obedience
  22-12-2011 Son of God in power
  10-11-2011 Glorifying God
  07-11-2011 be reigning in life
  22-10-2011 Who is a Jew?
  16-10-2011 neurocalvinist Swaab
  14-10-2011 "the consummation of law"
  14-10-2011 why obstacles?
  07-10-2011 sinners no more!
  03-10-2011 What I do not want to do, I do …