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Does Paul find a response in Rome?

29-05-2013 - Posted by Andre Piet

image3 Briefly it appeared as if GoedBericht.nl received support from none other than the Pope. A day after the appearance of 101 bombs and grenades the Pope in Rome, during a speech, declared:

The Lord has redeemed all of us with the blood of Christ: all, not just Catholics. Everyone! (…) Even the atheists. Everyone!

That sounds good! Great even! But alas … if we just continue reading about what the Pope has said, it becomes evident that he meant something else. With redemption he means: the possibility of becoming saved by means of good works. Regardless of whether one is a Muslim or atheist. His message was:

Do good, then we will meet each other (in heaven).

The Pope shows to have a broad vision. He really thinks catholic, which means, in general. Also people with a different religion or belief than Roman Catholic, even atheists, he pulls inside the circle… PROVIDED they do what is good. And so it is, once again, a matter of works and not of grace (Rom.11:6). As if Christ died for good people. No, Paul writes, He died for the ungodly. Not for the righteous, but for sinners (Rom.5:6-8). Without ifs and buts. This is the message that Paul ever addressed to Rome. The blood of Christ does not merely make salvation possibleit really saves. Even the greatest of sinners (1 Timothy 1.1:15)!