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be reigning in life

07-11-2011 - Posted by Andre Piet

For if, by the offense of the one, death reigns through the one, much rather, those obtaining the superabundance of grace and the gratuity of righteousness shall be reigning in life through the One, Jesus Christ. Romans 5:17 (CLV)

In Romans 5, beginning at verse 12, Paul shows a sharp contrast between Adam and Christ. The one introduced sin into the world and, consequently death was passed on to all mankind. Christ, on the other hand, conquered death, and this deed of righteousness is a guarantee of both, the justification and life, for all people. Yes, you read it right… so writes Paul about it in this section, even though almost no one believes him. Adam is a type and antitype of Christ, but in every way inferior to Him. In the above quoted verse 17, Paul writes about the “reigning in life”. In the following chapter he explains it in greater detail. Whoever is united with the risen Christ, “walks in newness of life” (6:4) and is no longer under the dominion of sin (6:14). That is what “reigning in life” means. For whom is this reserved? For those who fight and struggle against sin? For those who carefully try to follow the law? No, quite the contrary. As long as a one is busy with this, it betrays a total ignorance of the Good News that Paul makes known. Reigning in life is not for workers and fighters, but for those who “receive the abundance of grace”. There’s nothing to fight – the battle is fought and the victory has been achieved! Christ conquered death and, in Him, sin and death are past. There is nothing left but to receive the abundance of grace and righteousness with a receptive heart and mind. With this, already now, in this life, we are richer than kings!!! ——————————— translation: Peter Feddema