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UN takes care of Babylon

03-09-2019 - Posted by Andre Piet

For decades I believe that the city of Babylon will once again play a major role in the end times. Babel was the first city with which “the eon of this world” began not long after the flood in Noah’s days. From there, people’s speech was confused (Babel also means “confusion”; Gen. 11: 9). Thousands of years later, under the leadership of Nebuchadnezzar, Babylon once again became the capital of the world, the so-called New Babylonian empire. And it has remained that way for several centuries. Because Babylon also remained the capital of the subsequent Persian empire. And when the Greek empire then came, led by Alexander the Great, after conquering it, he declared Babylon the capital of his empire. However, Alexander died at a young age in the newly conquered Babylon and his empire fell apart after him. The city was tarnished and dismantled. Yet the Scripture says that there will be a fourth empire with this city as the capital. This eon will also end with Babel as the capital. The book of Revelation speaks of this and refers to many prophecies in the Hebrew Bible that predict that the city will be destroyed once more. Which has never happened so far. So anyway, Babylon will be back on the world stage. The big question is: when will that happen? Two millennia since Christ’s departure (30 AD) are to pass quickly, so when will that city appear? And so far I still am unable to give the answer. The only thing I can say: this is what the Scriptures teach me and how I understand it. In the meantime, I keep my eyes open, very curious about how the truth of the prophetic Word will further prove itself.

Is the message that appeared in the news perhaps a first step towards a major role in the near future? The NOS (Dutch news outlet) headed this message with: Babylon in Iraq after years recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) is the organization of the United Nations. If there is one city where the united nations belong from a historical and cultural point of view, then that is without a doubt Babylon. In short, this recognition of UNESCO is an exciting development! In the coming years we will be hearing a lot more from Babylon … and surroundings.