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What impassioned Judas?

14-03-2014 - Posted by Andre Piet

image5  What impassioned Judas, who from the beginning belonged to “the twelve”, to deliver his Master up to His enemies? Traditionally, it was argued that Judas wished to participate in the murder of Jesus. But does that agree with the facts as presented in the Scriptures? If Judas wanted Jesus to be crucified, why did he decide to end his life, when he saw that Jesus was condemned (Matt. 27:3)? Does this not indicate that this condemnation was not his intention? Was Judas’ act not rather an extreme attempt to finally move Jesus to present Himself as the Messiah? Why else would he have betrayed the secret of Jesus’ claim to be the Christ? Judas felt that Jesus was to manifest Himself so that the kingdom of God would come out into the open. Note: that is what, a few days before this, all of the disciples still supposed would happen (Luke19:11). The idea that Jesus would be killed, was also, for a man like Peter, unpalatable (Matt.16:22). Only in the last week before Jesus’ death, did the disciples see their ideal fade away. The frustration reached its low point for Judas, at the anointing in Bethany, where Jesus openly spoke about his burial (Matt.26:12). There, at that time, Judas decided to go to the high priest (Mat.26:14) and to arrange a deal that he might deliver Jesus up to them, at an appropriate time. He was not driven by hatred, but by a desperate attempt to challenge Jesus. At the time of the arrest, he still called Jesus “Rabbi” and kissed Him (Mat.26:49). There, in the presence of a military division (200 to 600 men!), Jesus would have to show that, indeed, He was the Messiah… The diabolical (demonic) nature of Judas’ act (John 13:2), lies not in any hatred he had towards Jesus. On the contrary; even as Peter, Judas was ever so indignant that Jesus would be killed in Jerusalem. Precisely this (humanly speaking) noble motive, Jesus exposed to be straight from Satan (Matt.16:23). For Judas, a Christ who explicitly wanted to remain unknown (Mt.16:20) was unacceptable. By betraying Jesus’ secret, he thought he could force Jesus to manifest Himself, as the Messiah. How paradoxical all this is! Precisely Judas’ repulsion to Jesus’ death, brought Jesus to death! When Judas saw that Jesus was condemned, he was, therefore, completely disillusioned. With this, he could not live and hanged himself. What escaped Judas was, that all this had to happen. It wasn’t a hopeless fate that took place, here, but it was in complete harmony with the Divine script. By this act, all mankind will be justified (Rom.5:18). Judas too!