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voting advice

20-03-2014 - Posted by Andre Piet

images.12 Today (March 19, 2014) is the day of the municipal elections. In the Hague, where I often go, there are many signs with the slogan, “Nie klagûh. Stemmûh!” = “Don’t gripe. Vote!”. With this slogan, the municipality of the Hague is trying to persuade people to cast their vote. Meanwhile, the stay-at-home group is greater than ever. Probably, more than half of all the voters will not exercise their right to vote. The distrust in politics is increasing. That is not without reason. People have noted that even if the party of their choice, comes into power (or in the government), it does not, at all, mean that election promises will be kept. On the contrary, because not the opposition, but rather the actual governing party is obliged to mix water to the wine. Politicians, by definition, cannot keep their promises. In the opposition not, because it would place them offside and in the government not, because of the need to form coalitions. With that, election promises need to be modified. That is democracy. Yet, this way, this system undermines its own credibility. In Scripture, every government is under God (Rom.13:1). Authority comes from above (John.19:11). Governments are not accountable to its citizens, but to God. Not democracy, but theocracy. Therefore, believers can, with confidence, be subject to the governments that have been placed over them. It’s not up to them, as citizens, to complain about the government. Neither are they to worry and to get involved. Such an attitude results in “a quiet and peaceable life” (1Tim.2:2); very relaxed and a great privilege in a world filled with turbulence! We pray for all government and civic officials and thank God for everything that befalls us through their policies (1Tim.2:1). That seems to me the best voting advice!