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Titus 3:8 Ideal acts

31-08-2023 - Posted by Hans

Faithfull is the saying, and I am intending you to be insistent concerning these things, that those who have believed God may be concerning to preside for ideal acts. These things are ideal and beneficial for humanity.

Because the word Paul had just set forth is reliable, he certainly wants Titus to be very insistent about it too. Where evidence is available, doubt is misplaced. If Titus is self-assured, or rather, assured of the word he bears, he will be a role model for those who believe in God. “Believe God” means to have faith in what He has spoken. In other words, consider His word trustworthy.

Paul’s teaching is not aimed at improving the world. It is no use inciting people to ideal acts if they do not believe God. We need to understand that a ideal act is not necessarily the same as social or charitable work. No, an act is ideal if it demonstrates that God’s word is trustworthy. An act is ideal when it “adorns the teaching that God is our Savior in all things” (2:10). “Ideal acts” do not show how good we are, but how good GOD is (Mat.5:16)! That is excellent and useful to people. What a privilege to actually be at the forefront of this!