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Titus 3:9 – Stupid questionings and genealogies

31-08-2023 - Posted by Hans

Yet stand aloof from stupid questionings and genealogies and strifes and fightings about law, for they are without benefit and vain.

Opposite to a firm stand for the trustworthy word and to be at the forefront of what is ideal and beneficial for humanity is this verse. What Paul lists is not only useless but even worse than that. Titus should avoid that. The first thing Paul mentions are “stupid questionings.” These are issues that lead nowhere in advance because concrete evidence is lacking. Silly questions only lead to speculation that nobody is the wiser about.

The genealogies Paul refers to are, of course, not the genealogies found in the Bible. After all, they are part of the inspired Scriptures and are therefore useful for research (2Tim.3:16). No, the genealogies here are dubious genealogies with ditto stories. Bible students too can easily get into such treacherous waters, for example, by wanting to find out whether they are descended from the so-called ‘lost ten tribes’ and, if so, from which tribe. The explicit statements of Scripture unnoticed give way to the wildest fantasies. Such issues are not only useless, but they also place carnal ancestry in a strange and inappropriate place within the body of Christ (2 Corinthians 5:16).