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Titus 3:7 The word is trustworthy!

31-08-2023 - Posted by Hans

Faithfull is the saying, and I am intending you to be insistent concerning these things…

With the explanation of just now (verses 4 to 7) the most important content has been said. What follows are practical recommendations. The expression “faithful is the saying” is found four times in Paul’s letters to Timothy (1Tim.1:15; 3:1; 4:19; 2Tim.2:11). The word for ‘faithful’ in Greek (pistos). Believe and trust are identical in Greek. Believing God means trusting in what He has said.

When Paul says “faithful is the word,” he is underlining the truth of what he is about to write or (as in this case) of what he has just written. Its truth is established and beyond doubt. And not only that: Titus would also openly admit it and teach clearly about it.

Such assertiveness is not always appreciated these days. People prefer to doubt faith and believe in doubt. One pleases no objective truth because everything is (as it is believed) subjective and relative. Absolute claims from what  is written” are dismissed with “that is your truth”. Paul does not say anything about this: the word is trustworthy!