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Titus 3:7 The expectation of eonian life

31-08-2023 - Posted by Hans

…in expectation, of the allotment of life eonian.

This epistle began with the “expectation of eonian life” (1:2) and closes with it. The “life eonian” is the great crowning of God’s “purpose of the eons” (Eph.3:11). Perhaps the greatest error with which all current Bible translations lead astray is the translation word “eternity.” It is a representation of the common Greek word “eon” which, however, is a world age. With a beginning (“before the eons”) as well as an end (“consummation of the eons”).

The translation word “eternity” is not just a misunderstanding or blunder, it is much worse. The translation word blinds to the Gospel! For how can the Gospel that God ultimately saves, justifies, reconciles, and vivifies all be true, if there is such a thing as punishment or judgment “for eternity” and therefore endless? The translation word “eternity” is a trap that makes the Good News inaccessible to understand.

“The eonian life” is not the life of “eternity” but the life of “the eons to come” or ages (Luke 18:30). It is the world ages in which Christ shall reign…until death as the last enemy shall be overthrown and all shall be made alive. Then the eons are over, but life is not. On the contrary, death has ended and GOD will be “all in all”!