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Titus 3:7 Our universal allotment

31-08-2023 - Posted by Hans

… that, being justified in that One’s grace, we may be becoming enjoyers, in expectation, of the allotment of life eonian.

We who are justified today also become “enjoyers of the allotment” (or “heirs” if you like). That sounds rather vague, because what do we then receive as allotment? It is the rest of the sentence that puts us on track for that: “in expectation of eonian life.” From this we can see that the “possession of allotment” is related to the future of the coming aeons (world ages). After all, when “the present evil eon” will (soon) be ended, it will give way to the “the eons to come” in which Christ will reign. First in “the thousand years” (Rev.20) and then in the still more superlative eon of the heavenly Jerusalem (Rev.21,22).

It is in the eons to come that Christ will establish His Kingdom. Heaven and earth will be gathered under one Head in this “complement of the eras” (Eph. 1:10). And… now it comes: in Him, the Christ, we as believers have also received our allotment (Eph.1:11). Together with the Head, we as an ecclesia form one Body with Him and everything that belongs to Him is also our allotment (or “inheritance”). i.e. our destiny possession includes heaven and earth and is all-encompassing. That is our hope in the ever brightening eonian life!