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Titus 3:14 – Not unfruitful

31-08-2023 - Posted by Hans

Now let those who are ours also be learning to preside over ideal acts for necessary needs, that they may not be unfruitful.

In the preceding verse, Paul exhorted Titus to zealously advance Zenas and Apollos. Here he extends his exhortation to “those who are ours” to learn to be at the forefront of ideal acts. It is possible that with “ours” Paul here refers to the believers in general (“our people”), but it is also possible that he refers more specifically to those who teach.

In verse 8 we already read that those who believe God would be concerned to preside for ideal acts. And we also saw what that means. Ideal acts express the faithfulness of God’s word (cf. 2:11). This also makes it immediately clear that ideal acts always speak of faith. Helping Zenas and Apollos forward was an excellent work for Titus because these men were in the service of God and His Word.

In verse 14, Paul says that “ours” would also be learning to preside over ideal acts. That is learning what ideal acts are, but also demonstrating that these acts are indeed “beneficial” (3:8) and concretely meet “necessary needs.” It is precisely in such deeds in which God is unequivocally glorified that his Word bears fruit in us.