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Titus 3:15 – Greetings and closure

31-08-2023 - Posted by Hans

Greeting you are all those with me. Greet our friends in faith. Grace be with you all. Amen!

This is the last verse in this letter that ends with the usual greetings. First of all a greeting from the sender and those who are with (not just together with) him. Who they are is not stated. Perhaps Zenas and Apollos told Titus personally.

Secondly, Titus would say hello to the friends of faith. Paul does not use the word “agape” here but the weaker “phileo” which means more “to love”. Agape is love that is independent of the reaction of the other. It exists and continues to exist, even when it is not answered. Phileo, on the other hand, is a love triggered by a quality in the other. Here it is friendship in faith.

This bond of friendship exists because of shared faith. The letter ends with a proclamation of grace. Not just a plea for, or a wish for mercy. No, it’s a notice. Without exception, all of Paul’s letters (including those to the Hebrews) conclude in this way, even though the wording sometimes varies. Of all the other epistles, only “the Revelation” ends in this way. Grace is the worthy crowning, especially of Paul’s epistles.