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Titus 3:13 – Apollos

31-08-2023 - Posted by Hans

Send Zenas, the lawyer, and Apollos, forward diligently, that nothing may be lacking to them.

Paul gives no context to this instruction. Titus is supposed to know what it’s about. Zenas and Apollos were passing through and called at Crete while Titus was there. Perhaps both of them (or one of them) came from Paul and delivered this letter to Titus. Paul asks Titus to do his best to provide the two men with what they needed for the continuation of their journey.

Unlike Zenas, Apollos is no stranger to us. His name is found ten times in the NT. He was a Jew from Alexandria, Egypt, an eloquent man and mighty in the Scriptures (Acts 18:24). He arrived in Ephesus and was initially only acquainted with John’s baptism, but Paul’s associates Priscilla and Aquila enlightened him. When he crossed over to Corinth, he proved to be of great use to the believers there. To a Jewish audience, he publicly proved from the scriptures that Jesus is the Christ (Acts 18:27,28).

In Corinth, some tried to play Apollos against Paul (1 Cor. 1:12; 3:4), but Paul would have none of it. Paul planted, Apollos watered and God gave the growth (1Cor.3:6)!