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Titus 3:11 – A sectarian man (3)

31-08-2023 - Posted by Hans

A sectarian man, after one and a second admonition, refuse, being aware that such a one has turned himself out, and is sinning, being self-condemned.

In Galatia they joined together that which God separates by accepting an ‘evangel’ that is not an evangel. A “sectarian man” does just the opposite: he separates what God has joined together.

What the sectarian is doing is clearly wrong. Literally even, because the translation “has turned himself out” roughly expresses in Greek that he has (re)turned wrong. He has lost track. “He is sinning” it says, underlining that he has lost his way (read: misses the mark).

The last thing Paul says about “a sectarian man” is that he is “self-condemned.” The idea is that although Titus would reject the persistent sectarian, there is no need to take further steps against him. The sectarian condemns himself. By polarizing and blowing up contradictions, he already separates himself. The sectarian cannot stand in a society where people tolerate each other and accept differences. He drives a wedge between believers and thereby puts himself on the sidelines. A wedge that is also guaranteed to cause further fragmentation in its new circle. How important, therefore, to put up with one another on the basis of the trustworthy word!