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Titus 3:10 – A sectarian man (2)

31-08-2023 - Posted by Hans

A sectarian man, after one and a second admonition, refuse.

As we saw earlier, the term “sect” in the language of Scripture is not always a negative term. It refers to a section, that is a department or part. In medical parlance, dissection means to cut into a body. The latter in particular clarifies why Titus would reject “a sectarian man”: such a person cuts and separates what constitutes a unity.

A sectarian divides by blowing up a secondary issue into something fundamental. That is not necessarily a wrong position, but the sectarian does not give room to people with a different practice or opinion. That’s what makes someone sectarian. So what a sectarian does is not only haughty but also narrow minded. Often fear also plays a role in a sectarian attitude: people are afraid of being refuted and that is why they create their own ‘bubble’.

Titus would draw the sectarian’s attention once and twice to what he is doing. Because he may not be aware of his bad attitude. However, if he were not to be persuaded, Titus would firmly reject the sectarian. Precisely to “keep the unity of the Spirit” (Eph.4:3).