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Titus 3:12 – To winter in Nicopolis

31-08-2023 - Posted by Hans

Whenever I shall be sending Artemas to you or Tychicus, endeavor to come to me in Nicopolis, for there have I decided to winter.

Paul ends his letter to Titus with some practical directions. Since the letter does not fit into the historical account of the book of Acts, we must assume that this letter was written after Paul’s imprisonment in Rome (Acts 28:30). The historical context of that period can only be reconstructed to a certain extent from Paul’s letters of that time.

Be that as it may, it is at this time that Paul labored in Crete and then left Titus there to take care of matters that he himself had no time to do (1:5). Here we read that as soon as Paul sends Artemas or Tychicus to Crete, Titus must make an effort to visit Paul in Nicopolis, because Paul has decided to spend the winter there.

Paul would like to have Titus with him, possibly to work with him during and after wintering in Nicopolis. Paul will arrange for a replacement for Titus, because his departure must not be at the expense of the ecclesias in Crete. Everything shows Paul’s love and concern for the progress of the Evangel!