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Titus 2:7 tendering to be a model

26-06-2023 - Posted by Hans

The younger men, similarly, entreat to be sane as to all things, tendering  yourself a model of ideal acts,

The above sentence can be read as “to be sane as to all things”, but one could also relate “as to all things” to the following sentence: “as to all things tendering yourself a model..”. Both make good sense.

The word for “model” in Greek is “tupos” from which our well-known word “type” is derived. The word has the meaning of a print or template and therefore also of a model or example. That last word actually expresses it aptly: Titus himself would be an image to hold up to others. A young man like Titus should especially not “preach” about how other young men would behave or act. Young people in particular are allergic to it and rightly so. All talk. Just show how it works.

Titus would show himself an example of ideal acts. In the common translations the difference is not apparent, but here a different term is used than in 1:16 (“good acts”). Good (Gr. agathos) refers to the salutary effect of deeds, while ideal (Gr. kalos) speaks more of works that are beautiful and of quality in themselves. In which GOD’S glory is seen (Mat.5:16)!