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Titus 2:6 – Younger men

26-06-2023 - Posted by Hans

The younger men, similarly, entreat to be sane as to all things, tendering  yourself a model of ideal acts…

After the guidelines for resp. “aged men”, “aged women”, “young [women]” now follow those for the “younger [men]”. In discussing the young women we already noted that not Titus himself but the aged women would teach them about the practice. With one exception, Titus is not instructed to instruct the younger men. He would set an example for himself to them.

The only thing Titus would urge the younger men to do is to “be sane as to all things.” The word “sane” is one of the most characteristic words in the Titus letter. It is mentioned in all groups (2:2,4,5,6), as before in connection with “the supervisor” (1:8). Later also when it comes to believers in general (2:12). Like beasts, man has impulses and instincts, but man is distinguished from beasts by the faculty of contemplation. To be able to think (over) and to refrain from feelings and to go for common sense. Not to be soul-oriented but spirit-oriented!

Young people (and perhaps young men in particular) tend to act hastily and then make unwise choices. Hence the call to “be sane as to all things”.