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Titus 2:7 uncorrupted and earnest in teaching

26-06-2023 - Posted by Hans

… as to all things, tendering  yourself a model of ideal acts, in teaching with uncorruptness, gravity

 Titus would show himself an example “of ideal acts.” But also an example to show “uncorruptedness in teaching”. “The Teaching” can be understood here in two ways. It can refer to both the content of the teaching and the way in which it is taught.

The word “uncorruptedness” is closely related to the word “incorruptible” which usually refers to God Himself (1Tim.1:17) or to the life of the resurrection (2Tim.1:10). That life is not subject to decay and therefore does not perish. Integrity of teaching is the teaching that death is abolished, that is, that all men are made alive, like Christ the Firstfruits.

If we apply “uncorruptedness” to how the teaching is passed on, we learn that Titus would not add any perishable elements to his teaching. It is mentioned in the same breath as “gravity”. False motives are therefore excluded from the teaching envisaged by Paul (cf. “sordid gain”; 1:11). It also refuses to make the teaching attractive or adapt it to the desires of the listeners. Human elements such as fantasy, stories and drama obscure and are unworthy of “sound teaching”.