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the truth makes free

17-08-2013 - Posted by Andre Piet

images_18 In John 8, we read that Jesus reminds His audience that they should remain in his word. And as a result, they will understand the truth and the truth will make them free (8:31,32). Lies (untruths) enslave, while truth liberates. It is well known that people maintain enslavement (addictions to alcohol or drugs) by lies and deceit. Those two go hand in hand. The truth may not come to light. The good news for any addict is that as soon as one is willing to embrace the truth, the shackles of enslavement are broken. That is the power of truth: it makes free! It is this universal feature of truth to which Jesus was referring. A few verses later, He makes clear that He, Himself, is the truth (8:36; 14:6). Earlier, in this same evangel, John already made an important statement about the nature of the truth.

16 for of that which fills Him we all obtained, and grace for grace. 17 For the law through Moses was given; grace and truth came through Jesus Christ. -John 1-

Under the law of Moses, God’s grace was not altogether unknown. But it was not the guiding principle. With the coming of Jesus Christ came a fullness of grace, where already was found some grace (1:16) “Grace for grace”. Indeed, “…grace and truth came through Jesus Christ.” John show us that grace and truth are most intrinsically connected. God’s grace IS the truth! Under the law of Moses, Israel was placed under demands, which she could not fulfill. But through Jesus Christ, the risen Messiah, not law, but grace has become the truth. God does not demand, but He gives. And that truth (= grace!) shall make you free!