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a second grace

21-08-2013 - Posted by Andre Piet

images13 In 2 Corinthians 1:15, Paul speaks of a “second grace”. In many translations, it is unfortunately rendered differently, but this is literally what this verse says:

And in this confidence I intended formerly to come to you, that you should be having a second grace,

The explanation of what he meant by this, we find in the next verse (16):

and through you to pass through into Macedonia, and to come again from Macedonia to you, and by you to be sent forward into Judea.

A second visit would provide the Corinthians an opportunity to help the apostle with his journey to Judea. I.e., Paul’s stay in Corinth was a first grace, because they received grace in everything he had for them. In turn, the Corinthians could now share grace. In this case, Paul would be enabled, with the reception of their generous support, to travel to Judea. Later on, in this letter (in chapters 8 and 9) Paul writes extensively about this. Receiving is a first grace. Sharing out of that grace is a second grace. In Acts 20:35, Paul quotes these words:

Happy is it to give rather than to get.

Who shares grace, not only makes others richer, but also himself. In 2Cor.9:6, Paul says in this regard: “who is sowing bountifully, bountifully shall [he] be reaping also”. A second grace is also grace-squared. To share with others the grace you, yourself, received, means a multiplication of that grace. The superlatives don’t stop, when Paul describes this process:

Now God is able to lavish all grace on you, that, having all contentment in everything always, you may be superabounding in every good work…, -2Corinthians 9:8-