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smart people less religious …

15-08-2013 - Posted by Andre Piet

images16 From a U.S. study that was published this week, it would appear that smart people are often-times less religious. Not entirely uncontroversial is the way we define different concepts. What exactly is meant by ‘smart’ or ‘intelligent’? And how do they measure that? But also the question: what is meant by ‘religious’? Does this speak about going to church? Or about spirituality? And what is that? That intelligent people would have less of an awareness of God, as a British newspaper suggested, did not become evident in this study. People who use their minds would find it more difficult to escape the conclusion that a design reveals a designer or a creation a Creator. That intelligent people often drop out of church, is indeed well known. Also within the church they are well aware of this. Usually, within the church community there does not prevail a sphere in which people are encouraged to ask questions, to think for themselves and to be critical. The sermon is often at a level that is downright infantile. Focused on “feel good” perhaps, but giving no answer to the hard questions of life, although one would expect such from an institution that claims to present the Word of God. Alas! Instead, the Church prefers to proclaim doctrines that are contradictory. A few examples. It is said: there is one God. But it is also said: there are three Persons, each of them being God. Nobody understands this. It is not anywhere in Scripture so stated and that is readily admitted. And yet, this confession serves as the basis of church life; notwithstanding that the Bible clearly teaches that there is “one God, the Father” (1Cor.8:6) “and one mediator of God and men, the man Christ Jesus” (1Tim.2:5). It is taught: God loves unconditionally and will not forsake the works of His hands. But it is also taught: anyone rejecting God will spend eternity in hell. Nobody understands it. How can both sentences, at the same time, be true? And yet their entire preaching is precisely aimed to rescue people from an endless hell, which according to their own understanding cannot exist. Where remains unconditional love, and the God who seeks and finds the lost? They say: Jesus Christ does abolishes death. They also say: whoever does not believe will end up in a never-ending death. Nobody understands it. If the second statement is true, then the first cannot be true. And vice versa. One can proclaim that death does not have the last word, but it is hypocritical if one simultaneously warns that many perish in a final death. Then such a proclamation is only “a whitewashed tomb”. If you are smart, it is easy to spot nonsense. The above doctrines are examples of religious absurdity. To say that there is one God… Beautiful! But then don’t take away what first was given. Tell that God does not abandon the works of his hands – Brilliant! because such a Being deserves to be called GOD! But the doctrine of hell is an outright violation of that truth. That death is conquered is a mighty good message for every mortal! But it ceases to be good news, if death, eventually, still continues to exist. Religion is derived from a word meaning “bind”. Who uses his mind is hard to bind to deceitful doctrines. Very wisely! Truth liberates. Also from this.