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Ruth 3:18   – True Rest!

24-04-2020 - Posted by Andre Piet

She replied, Stay here, my daughter, until you come to know how the matter turns out For the man shall not be quiet unless he concludes the matter today.

Ruth had called on Boaz on the threshing floor to act as a kinsman redeemer. What more could she do? Her mother-in-law Naomi advises: keep waiting quietly (please note!). Because she was confident that this man would bring everything to a successful conclusion.

Boaz is a beautiful type of Christ, of whom he is also a distant ancestor. He came from Bethlehem (= house of bread) and was “a man of valor” (2:1). So able to pay a great price… Unmistakably we see here the contours of the Savior from Bethlehem, who would pay the ransom for all.

Naomi knew that Boaz would fulfill his duty as a kinsman redeemer. She therefore knew that Ruth could afford to relax. After all, her business was in good hands! Doesn’t that also apply to us? True rest is not the result of yoga or relaxation exercises. We rest because we trust in Him who is “a man of valor” and will bring everything to a successful conclusion. Success guaranteed!