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Romans 9:12 – Downside Up

15-07-2021 - Posted by Hans

For, not as yet being born, nor putting into practice anything good or bad, that the purpose of God may be remaining as a choice, not out of acts, but of Him Who is calling, it was declared to her that “The greater shall be slaving for the inferior,”…

The truth in these verses is that GOD chooses and predestines, quite apart from human achievement or failure. GOD’s election precedes our birth. In this context Paul quotes Genesis 25:23, where it is said from God to Rebekah that there are two nations in her womb and that the greater (read: older) would serve as a slave to the inferior (read: younger). Not the one who by natural standards has the rights of the oldest, but the younger one would have the birthright. That’s how GOD had predetermined it. So Jacob could have saved himself the bowl of soup and all his devious tricks.

In the book of Genesis it is almost standard that the birthright does not go to the firstborn. We already see this with Jacob’s grandfather Abram, but also with his son Isaac. And this is also repeated in the succeeding generations with Joseph and Ephraim. GOD’S eye is always on what “one” considers to be “the inferior.”