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Romans 9:11 – Nine eleven

15-07-2021 - Posted by Hans

For, not as yet being born, nor putting into practice anything good or bad, that the purpose of God may be remaining as a choice, not out of acts, but of Him Who is calling.

Paul is talking about Jacob and Esau here. Before they were born and therefore before they had done anything good or bad, GOD had already made his choice. The greater and older Esau would serve as a slave to the younger and lesser Jacob. So that GOD would bless the greater through the lesser. That’s how GOD works – always contrary. Human self-glory is completely excluded.

Earlier the apostle (8:28) wrote that those who love GOD today are “called according to his purpose.” In Rom.8:30 Paul describes how everything in it is GOD’S work: those whom GOD foreknows, them He also predestinates. And He calls them. And He justifies them. And He glorifies them. Every link in this chain is of pure gold: it is all GOD’S work. And so is his merit and his honour.

Everything is going according to GOD’S purpose. His success is assured! No one can add or take away from that. “Not out of acts”. And faith says amen to that!