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Romans 9:10 – One pregnancy – two children

15-07-2021 - Posted by Hans

Yet, not only so, but Rebecca also is having her bed of one Isaac our father. For, not as yet being born…

Paul argues that posterity is no guarantee of sharing in the promise. God had tied his promise to the seed of Abraham, but that line ran exclusively through Isaac and not through Ishmael or the children of Keturah. This same principle is also illustrated in the next generation. And even more striking. For Isaac and Ishmael had different mothers. But with Isaac only one father and only one mother play a role. And it’s even stronger: it’s only about one pregnancy.

The word ‘koite’ that Paul uses has the basic meaning ‘lying down’ or ‘bed’. In the Bible, as well as in our language, we speak of “going to bed with someone,” which is a euphemism for “sexual intercourse.” ‘Koité’ is therefore related to the well-known Latin word ‘coitus’.

Be that as it may, Rebekah shared the bed with one man and in one moment two boys were conceived: Jacob and Esau. They shared the womb together, but God made distinctions purely gratuitously. Without any human merit. Because GOD chooses.