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Romans 8:9 –Christ’s spirit

12-05-2021 - Posted by Hans

Yet you are not in flesh, but in spirit, if so be that God’s spirit is making its home in you. Now if anyone has not Christ’s spirit, this one is not His.

In a sense also a believer walks “in the flesh” (Gal.2: 20; 2 Cor.10: 3). But God sees us “in Christ Jesus” (8: 1). That is our position and that is how we would reckon ourselves (6:11). Where the “word of faith” (10: 8) has reached our hearts through the ears, the “spirit of God” dwells in us.

Verse 9 first speaks of the “spirit of God”, then of the “spirit of Christ”, which is then referred to in verse 10 as “Christ in you”. Of course these are not different spirits; it is one spirit under different names. It is called “spirit” because it is invisible and refers to (resurrection) life. It is called “spirit of God” because this life comes from God. It is called “spirit of Christ” because He is the firstfruits of this life. And it is called “Christ” because he represents “the vivifying spirit” (1 Cor. 15:45).

Those who have Christ’s spirit are already his. Because they are firstfruits. The rest will follow. Each in his own order.