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Romans 8:7,8 –the bankruptcy of religion

12-05-2021 - Posted by Hans

Because the disposition of the flesh is enmity to God for it is not subject to the law of God, for neither is it able. Now those who are in flesh are not able to please God.

“Flesh” is opposed to “spirit”. Flesh refers to the weak, mortal body, as spirit speaks of “the spirit of life” (: 2) as found in the resurrected Christ. Two modes of existence. The flesh ends in death, while spirit begins where death ends: resurrection life.

With “the disposition of the flesh” Paul means the disposition that comes from – but is also in accordance with the flesh. It is in conflict with (= enmity) what God has in mind. Even if she wanted to, “the flesh” is unable to submit to the law of God. That was already the conclusion in Romans 7.

The inability of “the flesh” to please God is a given. This statement marks the bankruptcy of every religion. Every religion seeks to cultivate “the flesh” in order to please God therein. Paul says: impossible! Human attempts to do so are doomed in advance to fail. Not man, but God himself bridges the gap. He alone!