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Romans 8:39 – The love of God in Christ Jesus

24-06-2021 - Posted by Hans

For I am persuaded (…) nor height, nor depth, nor any other creation, will be able to separate us form the love of God in Christ Jesus, our Lord.

What is called “the love of God in Christ Jesus” here is a more detailed description of what was called “the love of Christ” in verse 35. For isn’t “the love of Christ” the ultimate expression of “the love of God”? God’s love (Gr. agape) is the love He has unconditionally for all His creatures. He loves them because they are all his workmanship. conceived and formed by Him. He never abandons that work. God’s love is therefore also his faithfulness.

Never has that love been proven so irrefutably as when Christ died (5:8). It was humanity that nailed Christ to the cross. And what was God’s response to that? Three days later He raised him up incorruptible, to give Life to that world that murdered his Son! That is “the love of God in Christ Jesus”. It is against this pitch-black backdrop of enmity and disbelief that the light of GOD’s unconditional love shone like never before! That love is (proven!) stronger than any opposition or force. She conquers all!