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Romans 8:34 – Yet rather being roused

15-06-2021 - Posted by Hans

Who is the condemner? Christ Jesus, the One dying, yet rather being roused, Who is also at God’s right hand, Who is pleading also for our sakes?

The questions and associated counter questions are piling up. Who will accuse God’s elect? Surely not the God who justifies?! And then here’s the question: who is the one who condemns? Is that Christ Jesus who died or what is more, who was roused? There is such powerful logic in this counter question because of the bizarre suggestion. For did Christ Jesus not die precisely because he was condemned by the world? But what’s more, God then raised him up as the firstfruits, in order to give life to the world that condemned him innocently. Life he brought to light in his resurrection. Would Christ Jesus then be a condemner?!

Isn’t it also remarkable how Paul here values ​​the resurrection of Christ in relation to his death? With Paul no crucifix with a dying Jesus in the center. Or the idea that Jesus’ death would suffice. Christ’s death is extremely important, that is absolutely true. But “yet rather being roused” Had Christ not died, he could not have been roused.