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Romans 8:34 – who is pleading for our sakes

15-06-2021 - Posted by Hans

Who is the condemner? Christ Jesus, the One dying, yet rather being roused, Who is also at God’s right hand, Who is pleading also for our sakes?

Would Christ Jesus be the one to condemn us? The one who died for us anyway? And what is more, who was also raised for us that we might share in his Life? But not only that. He is also the one who is now at God’s right side. Posted in a position of the highest honor. Isn’t that the ultimate, Divine confirmation and appreciation of the way he has gone?

The mere fact that Christ Jesus who died for us and was roused by God is now also on God’s right side, that alone pleads for us. Many feel that Christ would intervene as a lawyer for us against God’s charges. Or that he would plead for a reduced sentence or pardon on our behalf. Nothing could be further from the truth!

The truth is that God Himself declares us to be justified and acquits us. We don’t need a lawyer! That Christ Jesus is on God’s right side guarantees that our interests are looked after at the very highest level!