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Romans 8:33 – Who will be indicting God’s chosen ones?

15-06-2021 - Posted by Hans

Who will be indicting God’s chosen ones? God the Justifier?

Another such question that is answered by Paul with a question in return. Although that counter-question does not appear as a question in most translations.

To the elect of God Paul had just referred to when he wrote about those who as called were predestined by God. Which is to say that their fate was already decided long before they were born. Our destiny as God’s elect is completely independent of our behavior and the choices we make. For before we could do good or evil, GOD had already made his choice. That is GOD’S elective purpose and on that basis He calls. In the next chapter (9:11) the apostle will explain this in more detail.

Those whom God designates beforehand (to sonship), He calls. And whom He calls, He justifies, so we read (:30). How utterly insignificant in that light are any accusations or charges against such elect. Regardless of whose mouth it comes. If the Creator of heaven and earth chooses and predestinates humans to his purpose, what creature could possibly argue with that?! And if GOD Himself declares a man righteous, who has the audacity to challenge this?