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Romans 6:3 – Baptized into Christ 

16-02-2021 - Posted by Andre Piet

Or are you ignorant that whoever are baptized into Christ Jesus, are baptized into His death?

Paul argues how absurd it is to remain in sin as a believer. After all, “how shall we who died to sin still be living in it?” In doing so, he assumes that his readers know that so many “are baptized into Christ, are baptized into his death.” Because Christ died, we too are reckoned as dead. Because we are “in Christ”. What happened to him (= his death) is also our position.

For understanding Paul’s words about baptism, it is paramount not to equate this with “being baptized in water.” He does not write about that either. Paul speaks of “being baptized into Christ” and “being baptized into his death.” Not a drop of water is involved. Not by immersion in a water bath does one get “into Christ”. To be united in and with Christ is not a ritual but a spiritual matter. “In one spirit we are all baptized into one body…” we read in 1 Cor. 12:13. It is through the incorporation of the Word that we become one with Christ! His death is our death.