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Romans 6:2 – Living in sin?!? 

30-01-2021 - Posted by Andre Piet

What, then, shall we declare? That we may be persisting in sin that grace should be increasing? May it not be coming to that! We, who died to sin, how shall we still be living in it?

Paul has explained how much grace is “superexceeding” over sin. Where sin increases, grace only increases more. In any case, Paul’s “discussion partners” understood that well. But what they then deduce from this typically betrays the mindset of someone who lives under the law. Someone who tries not to sin will always use the message of radical grace as an excuse to keep on sinning.

If I consider myself a sinner, then sin is part of my identity. A dog barks, a cat meows, and a sinner sins. A life under the law does not change that. In fact, being told that I must not sin, * it only suggests that sin is apparently attractive.

The reason for Paul’s “may it not be coming to that!” Is that he does not count us as sinners, since we “died to sin.” However, that is what Paul explains in the following. But the idea is: sin is behind us like a past station. Why then “live in sin”?!?