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Romans 5:9 – Saved from the day of indignation 

12-01-2021 - Posted by Andre Piet

Much rather, then, being now justified in His blood we shall be saved from indignation through Him.

If Christ died while we were still sinners, much more will he save us from indignation now that we are justified. What does Paul mean by “to be saved from indignation”? He wrote earlier in this letter about “the day of indignation” (2: 5).

That day is primarily the period described in the book of “Revelation.” It is indignation that will come upon the living on earth. But just before this indignation breaks out, the ecclesia is evacuated and brought to safety. “Snatched away”, as it is called in 1Thes.4: 17 and Rev.12: 5. In 1Thes.1: 10 we read of “Jesus our rescuer out of the coming indignation”.

After “the thousand years,” the period in which Satan will be bound to deceive the nations no more, there will be a “day of… unveiling of God’s righteous judgment” for the dead. This is the judgment before the “great white throne” (Rev.20: 11). All the remaining dead will then rise and be judged. So all who have risen before are not included (Rev.20: 5,6). In any case, believers are saved from “the day of indignation”!