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Romans 5:9 – Saved from indignation 

12-01-2021 - Posted by Andre Piet

Much rather, then, being now justified in His blood we shall be saved from indignation through Him.

“Being saved from indignation” has a future dimension, as we saw. But it also speaks of the present tense. In Romans 1:18 Paul already wrote that God’s indignation is revealed from heaven on all irreverence of people who suppress the truth in injustice. This is not evident from lightning and thunder, or from disasters and disease. No, in the following verses we see that God shows His disapproval and indignation by giving the world over to their reprehensible thinking (1: 24,26 and 28). That means: He lets them go and leaves them be. Or as it is called in the Hebrew Bible: God hides his face. He withdraws.

The wrath of God is about a world that subdues the truth in unrighteousness. It goes without saying that this is explicitly not about those who do justice and believe the truth. Because they are set apart (= sanctified) from the world. The world prefers darkness and God allows them to live in it. But as believers we are saved from darkness and placed in the light!