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Romans 5:1 – peace toward God! 

22-12-2020 - Posted by Andre Piet

Being, then, justified by faith, we may be having peace toward God, through our Lord Jesus Christ

The “then” in this verse is the conclusion from the previous argument in which it was central that GOD declares righteous the one who trusts in Him. So that not the works of man, but GOD’S unconditional promise is all that matters.

Paul had just explained that as Abraham believed in the GOD who would vivify the dead (“deadened”), likewise we believe in the GOD who raised Jesus our Lord from the dead. Why? Answer: “for our justification” (4:25). For on the other side of the grave is incorruption, life, and righteousness. While all the dead are still in the grave, he was roused as the firstfruits by GOD “from among the dead”, as a guarantee that all people (“each in his own order”) will follow him.

Since GOD raised Jesus our Lord from the dead “for our justification”, this means that He is “for us”! While mankind crucified GOD’S Son, GOD raised him three days later to justify that same mankind! GOD’S love has thereby proved to surpass all enmity. “Through our Lord Jesus Christ.” That is why we have peace towards GOD!