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Isaiah 40:29 – Vigor and staunchness 

22-12-2020 - Posted by Andre Piet

He is giving vigor to the faint, And to one who is without virility He is increasing staunchness.

Many translations here speak of “weary” or “tired”. But in the original it is more extreme. “Faint” or “exhausted” is closer to the meaning. Sometimes a person finds himself in circumstances where he turns out to be totally powerless. When the load exceeds the load capacity. Then you succumb to it. In the foregoing, Isaiah had pointed up. To Him who produced the great universe and calls all the stars by name, without any escaping his attention (: 26). To Him who spans all times. For whom nothing is hidden. Nothing is too big and nothing too small for Him. He never gets tired and never faints. And his understanding cannot be fathomed (: 28). So for vigor, staunchness and insight you have to be with Him. He has enough!

Those who orient themselves on Him and on what He has to say, receive new strength. You can keep going with that. In fact, it gives people wings. His vigor and staunchness doesn’t change (so much) our circumstances but it lifts us above it! He takes us to heights with panoramic views. At heights, where our problems shrink into tiny niggles.