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Romans 4:24 – Him Who rouses Jesus our Lord 

22-12-2020 - Posted by Andre Piet

… us (…) who are believing on Him Who rouses Jesus our Lord from among the dead…

It is noteworthy that in “the New Testament” great emphasis is placed over and over again on the fact that GOD raised Jesus from the dead. Peter explained it on the Day of Pentecost (Acts 2:24) and later after the healing of the paralyzed at the Beautiful Gate (Acts 3: 15,26). And later still in the house of the Roman centurion Cornelius (Acts 10:40). Paul, too, repeatedly insisted on this fact in his testimony. In Antioch (Acts 13:30) and on the Areopagus in Athens (Acts 17:31).

The fact that it was GOD who raised Jesus from the dead determines us that Jesus was truly human and entirely dependent on GOD to be resurrected. It also draws us to the truth that Jesus was really dead. After his death he did not live on in any other way, no, he was dead. And if GOD had not raised him, he would still have been dead.

It is not true that Jesus would have risen of his own strength. GOD raised a dead man. As a firstfruits, never to die again. His resurrection guarantees the resurrection of all people. No one excepted!