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Romans 4:20 – Giving glory to GOD 

22-12-2020 - Posted by Andre Piet

… yet the promise of God was not doubted in unbelief, but he was invigorated by faith, giving glory to God, being fully assured also, that, what He has promised, He is able to do also.

The begetting of human life in general is a great miracle. But when an almost 100-year-old, impotent man fathered a child with his wife of ninety, who could never have children, then this may well be called a miracle of miracles!

Abraham was not given an assignment, but received a promise from GOD. That means GOD is the one who would act. Abraham was fully assured that since GOD is the one who promises, He wills to do this, He can do this and therefore He will do this. And because no contribution is expected from man in this, all credit is to GOD. That is very characteristic of Paul’s teaching.

If we want to give GOD all the glory, then we must also leave all the work to Him. Abraham and Sarah were only instruments in GOD’S hand. Instruments that He had invented and deployed Himself. And GOD uses them. So that it is one hundred percent His achievement. So all honor to Him!