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Romans 3:6 – God is skilled in setting right 

14-10-2020 - Posted by Andre Piet

Now if our injustice is commending God’s righteousness, what shall we declare? Not that God Who is bringing on indignation is unjust! (As a man am I saying it). May it not be coming to that! Else how shall God be judging the world?

The reasoning here is: if through man’s injustice, GOD’S righteousness only shines more, why should GOD get angry? Isn’t that unfair? Paul’s response leaves nothing to be desired in terms of clarity. “May it not be coming to that!” He writes. And he answers with a counter question: “Else how shall God be judging the world?”

Man’s injustice affirms GOD’S justice. But that GOD should therefore be happy, instead of angry with the injustice, is not correct. For it is precisely by expressing his anger that he sets things right. GOD’S anger is not a capricious emotion but an expression of righteousness. For He judges and sets straight and brings justice. Righteousness is (rightly!) A skill.

Words such as criticism and criticise are derived from the Greek word for “judge” (Gr. Krino). Remember that GOD’s criticism (judgment) is always intended for reproof. Anger is a means, not an end. GOD brings through judgment and anger all to be right!