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Romans 3:5 – Misunderstanding of Paul’s teachings  

14-10-2020 - Posted by Andre Piet

Now if our injustice is commending God’s righteousness, what shall we declare? Not that God Who is bringing on indignation is unjust! (As a man am I saying it).

As the dark night makes the light of stars visible, so the injustice of men makes GOD’S justice shine all the more. It commends GOD’S righteousness, meaning recommend, and affirm. Our unrighteousness substantiates GOD’S righteousness.

Evil tongues who do not understand this teaching have concluded from this that GOD would be actually unjust when he judges (“brings forth anger”). They believe that GOD should be pleased with man’s injustice because it only makes his glory more manifest… Paul apologizes for this reasoning (“As a man am I saying it”). Yet he mentions it because it is not only theoretically possible to think of such a thing, but because such arguments were actually brought against him (: 8).

Paul was attacked because in his teaching, injustice turns out to be ultimately GOD’S glorification. Critics argued that this would make GOD’s wrath and judgment incomprehensible and even unreasonable (“unjust”). Do you recognize this criticism? Congratulations, because you are in good company! Paul also had to deal with this.