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Romans 3:4 – Always fully justified!

14-10-2020 - Posted by Andre Piet

Now let God be true yet every man a liar, even as it is written: “That so Thou shouldst be justified in Thy sayings and shalt be conquering when Thou art being judged. 

Only One is truthful, in the absolute sense of the word. GOD. A person can rely on what He says. No human word can be in the shadow of this. Paul substantiates this with a telling quote from Psalm 51: 6, written by the man of God, of all, David after the visit of the prophet Nathan who exposed David’s hypocritical attitude (“you are that man!”).

GOD “will be justified in his words”. That means: His words will prove to be right and everyone will be able to acknowledge nothing but this. Then GOD’S words are “justified,” that is, His words are declared righteous.

The rendering “You shall be conquering when you are being judged” in other translations reads “You will overcome when you judge”. But what is it now: passive or active? The answer is that here in Greek a form unknown to us is used: the middle form (medialis). That is both active and passive. GOD judges but He is also judged: His judgments are criticized by people. But GOD always overcomes. His word always turns out to be right!