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Romans 3:4 – GOD true, every man a liar  

14-10-2020 - Posted by Andre Piet

… Will not their unbelief nullify the faith(fullness) of God? May it not be coming to that! Now let God be true yet every man a liar

A greater contrast between GOD and any human being is hardly conceivable. “Every man a liar”. Note: every human. All people, including you and me. So this doesn’t just apply to the type of notorious liar who doesn’t do anything other than rip things off. Or the politician who, for the sake of the upcoming elections, bends the facts to his will. It also applies to all decent,people who are not fair when it suits them. Or lie when they are under pressure. Who will remain upright then? But even the most honest person sometimes explains things that turn out not to be true. There is no one who speaks only truth.

Only GOD is true. We can always rely on his words completely and in the absolute sense. When He says something it happens. His word is also always action. He says, “Let there be light” and there is light. What a grand privilege to be able to build as poor people on GOD’S unshakable and rock solid Word!