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Romans 2:18 – Discern wat matters 

30-09-2020 - Posted by Andre Piet

Lo! You are being denominated a Jew, and are resting on Law, and are boasting in God, and know the will and are testing what things are of consequence being instructed out of the law.

From verse 17 to verse 20, Paul lists twelve privileges that a Jew can claim. The first six claims (see verses above) have to do with what privileges the Jew himself enjoys while the last six claims (verses 19 and 20) have to do with what the Jew may do for others. Only from verse 21 does Paul make it clear that the said privileges turn against the Jew as soon as he thinks he is better than the other. That is a fatal misunderstanding! The privileges listed by Paul are enormous. To know the will, namely that of GOD, is quite a pretense. And, moreover, thereby also being able to test what is and is not important. How would such differences be recognized, other than through education in them? In order to distinguish things in natural life, we need light. Anyone who enters a dark room bumps his foot or stumbles over all kinds of things. Until the light switches on: from then on we will be discerning what matters!