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Romans 2:19 – Confidence in yourself? 

30-09-2020 - Posted by Andre Piet

Besides, you have confidence in yourself to be a guide of the blind, a light of those in darkness, a discipliner of the imprudent, a teacher of minors, having the form of knowledge and the truth in the law.

In the enumeration of the twelve privileges in these verses (17-20), the reproach already subtly resounds, which is made explicit below. Enjoying a privilege is one thing, but making yourself proud of it and believing that you are better than others spoils everything. That is the reproach that befalls the Jew here: own righteousness. In verse 17 all about being called a Jew and boasting sounded. And then here in verse 19 also “confidence in yourself”. Humility and sense of dependence and expecting everything from GOD have disappeared here. The pious appearance only makes that all the worse.

In this appearance, the same pride emerges as when Christians look down on non-Christians, assuming that they then “believe” or “have chosen Jesus.” That is not faith but pure pride. For faith is a gift of GOD. It is grace and not of man (Eph. 2: 8,9). That no one should boast in himself!