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2 Peter 1:15 – Reliable legacy

23-09-2020 - Posted by Andre Piet

Yet I shall endeavor to have you after my exodus, to make mention of these things, ever and anon also.

Peter knows that his end is at hand. The generation of the eyewitnesses of the risen Christ would fall away. How should things go on with subsequent generations? What could they fall back on? Peter was not anxious to appoint someone who would henceforth fulfill his function. Or to install a college where the authority would from now on rest. He did not lay a foundation on which an institution could be built.

No, Peter’s zeal went out to the written word. The teaching of the apostles (= delegates) had to be recorded. But also all writings were to be collected that had the ‘quality mark’ of the apostles. For example, there was already a collection of Paul’s epistles in circulation that was put on a par with “the rest of the scriptures” (3:16).

The delegates of Jesus Christ did what they had to do: leave a collection of writings that would be indicative for all the generations to follow. How wonderful to still be able to rely on this word, which is very solid (1:19), now, nearly 2000 years later!