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Romans 15:33 – The God of peace

16-03-2022 - Posted by Hans

Now the God of peace be with all of you! Amen!

In verse 5 of this chapter, God is called “the God of endurance and (=namely) of consolation.” For precisely in the consolation He gives lies the strength to endure suffering and opposition. A few verses later (:13) God is called “the God of expectation.” I.e. the guarantee of expectation is characteristic to Him and characteristic of all His speech. With Him there are no hopeless cases.

And then finally in verse 33 (as in 16:20): “the God of peace”. It is the tenth time that Paul speaks of ‘peace’ in this letter. We have “peace with God” through the Lord Jesus Christ (Rom. 5:1). Not because He was hostile to us at first, for we were enemies (5:10) and alienated from God. But because He has shown His unconditional love “through the Lord Jesus Christ” (5:8), we are now at peace with Him. We can trust Him completely and therefore also experience “the peace of God” (Phil. 4:7), that is the peace that He Himself has. He has everything perfectly under control!

Note that “the God of peace be with you all” is not a wish, but a determination. You can stand on that – amen!