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Romans 15:21 – Not looked for, but found

16-03-2022 - Posted by Hans

…but, according as it is written, “They who were not informed concerning Him shall see, And they who have not heard shall understand.”

Paul specifically chose to be a pioneer in his evangelism and not to be “building on another’s foundation.” He justifies his strategy with words taken from both Isaiah 52:15 and 65:1. And that is certainly not for nothing.

Isaiah 52:15 is part of the famous (fourth) prophecy concerning the Servant of YAHWEH. How disfigured and misunderstood by his people, yet exalted by God (52:13,14). And then in verse 15 Isaiah speaks of the nations that were outsiders, but nevertheless hear the Gospel. And let just that be the ministry of the apostle Paul! Hidden (!) Isaiah 52:15 hints at the time when Christ was exalted and unheard of by his own people, but was heard and understood among the nations.

The exact same contrast is seen in Isaiah 65. In verse 2 we read, “I spread out My hands the whole day to a stubborn and rebellious people…”, referring to Israel. And at the same time He says (65:1) “I say Behold Me, Behold Me to a nation that has not called on My Name”. Behold the ecclesia from the nations!